Jerry Inman - his New York City Apartment (Manhattan) on Central Park West

Jerry Inman's New York Apartment

Jerry's Fifth Avenue apartment was imbued with a traditional classic elegance, but his new place on Central Park West in "The Century" is all Art Deco as these pictures testify.  

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The Century
"The Century" as viewed from Central Park
Living Room
The Living Room
features a 1790s harp from Mount Vernon and a Wrigley family deco mirror from Chicago
Updated Kitchen with original walnut and marble flooring and Chanin cabinetry

French Deco Buffet and American Bronze artwork.
1930’s French Deco buffet with American bronze art above

Jerry also has a TV show currently in development called "The Real Deal."  You can read more about it on
Jerry Inman - corporate
Jerry Inman - corporate.
Jerry Inman - The Real Deal

Jerry Inman - "The Real Deal."

Jerry Inman
Jerry Inman

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