Sony HDTV purchased from Sound Seller and damaged by Watkins Motor Lines

For those folks considering purchasing an HDTV online, please see the below pics. I attempted to purchase a Sony KV-34XBR800 HDTV online from Sound Seller in Marinette, WI (who shipped the item to me via Watkins Motor Lines) and ended up with what you see below - a $2160 paperweight in the shape of a Sony HDTV.

As you can see, the damage to the outside box was barely noticeable. However, this corresponded to complete destruction of the tube inside. Neither the dealer nor the shipper would honor the claim for reimbursement because of the minimal visible damage. Lesson learned? Always INSPECT YOUR BOXES CLOSELY and make the driver open the package before you sign anything. Oh, and never buy anything from Sound Seller in Marinette, Wisconsin and never ever ship anything valuable via Watkins Motor Lines.

The TV's chassis itself survived unscathed, so it is likely that replacement of the tube and yoke assembly would restore this to "like new" condition. Also, as one member of AVSForum said, it would make a really cool aquarium. (-:


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